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Welcome to PEARC20!
PEARC20’s theme is “Catch the Wave.” This year’s theme embodies the spirit of the community’s drive to stay on pace and in front of all the new waves in technology, analytics, and a globally connected and diverse workforce. We look forward to this year’s PEARC20 virtual meeting, where we can share scientific discovery and craft the future infrastructure.

The conference will be held in Pacific Time (PT) and the times listed below are in Pacific Time.

The connection information for all PEARC20 workshops, tutorials, plenaries, track presentations, BOFs, Posters, Visualization Showcase, and other affiliated events, are in the PEARC20 virtual conference platform, Brella. If you have issues joining Brella, please email pearcinfo@googlegroups.com.

David Reddy

University of South Carolina
Research Scientist
Columbia, SC
I'm just getting back into scientific and high performance computing after working in other fields for nearly 20 years.  I was formerly the Scientific Visualization Manager at the American Museum of Natural History.
Monday, July 27

8:00am PDT

1:00pm PDT

Tuesday, July 28

10:45am PDT

12:00pm PDT

Wednesday, July 29

12:00pm PDT

1:35pm PDT

A Science Gateway for Simulating the Economics of Carbon Sequestration Technologies: SimCCS2.0 BrellaSudhakar Pamidighantam • Marcus Christie • Jun Wang • Eroma Abeysinghe • Kevin Ellett • Ryan Kammer • Sean Yaw • Brendan Hoover • Richard Middleton An extensible Django-based web portal for Apache Airavata BrellaMarcus Christie • Eroma Abeysinghe • Suresh Marru • Sudhakar Pamidighantam • Marlon Pierce • Dimuthu Upeksha • Stephen Adithela • Eldho Mathulla • Aarushi Bisht • Shivam Rastogi Custos: Security Middleware for Science Gateways BrellaIsuru Ranawaka • Suresh Marru • Juleen Graham • Aarushi Bisht • Jim Basney • Terry Fleury • Jeff Gaynor • Dimuthu Wannipurage • Marcus Christie • Alexandru Mahmoud • Marlon Pierce • Enis Afgan FutureWater Indiana: A science gateway for spatio-temporal modeling of water inWabash basin with climate change in focus BrellaSudhakar Pamidighantam • Jennifer Dierauer • Chen Zhu • Lei Gong • Alan Walsh • Eroma Abeysinghe • Marcus Christie • Jun Wang Reproducible and Portable Workflows for Scientific Computing and HPC in the Cloud BrellaPeter Vaillancourt • Bennett Wineholt • Brandon Barker • Plato Deliyannis • Jackie Zheng • Akshay Suresh • Adam Brazier • Rich Knepper • Rich Wolski Tapis API Development with Python: Best Practices In Scientific REST API Implementation - Experience implementing a distributed Stream API 🏆 BrellaSean Cleveland • Anagha Jamthe • Smruti Padhy • Joe Stubbs • Julia Looney • Michale Packard • Steve Terry • Richard Cardone • Gwen Jacobs • Maytal Dahan
Thursday, July 30

8:00am PDT

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